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  • No Tolls
  • Promote Ethics Reform
  • End Legislative Grants
  • Fight for Small Business
  • Support Line Item Veto
  • Promote and Preserve Our
    Coastal Resources

Who is William Hunt?

William J. Hunt Jr. AINS, CPIA
Lifelong Rhode Island Resident
Graduate of Portsmouth High School
BS in Business Administration, University of Rhode Island 2006
Licensed Property & Casualty, Life & Health Insurance Agent
Member of the Warren Harbor Management Commission 2013 - present
Town of Warren’s representative to the CRMC 2013 - present

United Way Young Leader’s Circle Executive Committee Member 2013 - 2015

William "Billy" Hunt Jr. is a lifelong Rhode Island resident who lives in Warren with his wife Jessica and their rescue dog Penny.

Mr. Hunt wants to be your Representative in the General Assembly.

William grew up in Portsmouth, RI, is one of four children, and is the only son of William Sr. & JoEllen Hunt. He graduated from Portsmouth High School followed by the University of Rhode Island where, in 2006 he earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration. “I worked my way through college,” said Hunt who worked at Newport Lobster Company while earning his degree. “Some days I would have to be at the Newport State Pier at 6AM in the middle of February to unload a boat that had just come in from an offshore trip. I would work until about noon then race over the bridges to get to Kingston in time for class.”

In addition to his work schedule and his class load, William also found time to help start the Delta Chi Fraternity at URI where he served first as the Founding President and later as the Treasurer. “I think that is when I first realized I belonged in politics,” Hunt recalls. “We were a bunch of guys who weren’t happy with the caliber of the other fraternities on campus so we decided to start our own. What started as a crazy idea hatched in Bressler Hall turned into a full-fledged fraternity that is still alive and well on campus.”

After graduating from URI, William went straight to work for a title insurance company in East Providence. “I started the Monday after my graduation,” Hunt recalls. “This was in 2006, so it was right before the housing collapse. Everything was going great until about 2008 when the bubble burst; the layoffs started soon after, I managed to last there until 2010 when my entire department was let go,” Hunt continues. “At that point I was like most people my age: 27, living on my own, and determined not to have to move back in with my parents. I worked odd jobs, went back to work for Newport Lobster Company for a while, and tried my hand as a real estate agent before I ended up back in the insurance industry - this time on the Property & Casualty side.”

William started selling insurance for a local Independent Insurance Agency in 2011. “It wasn’t easy. The economy still hadn’t really recovered and insurance rates were still high at that time. I met with small business owners on a daily basis who were feeling these effects firsthand and fighting to keep their businesses afloat. It certainly didn’t help that Rhode Island was the first state into the recession and the last to recover. I realized then that the individuals running our state are doing their hard-working middle-class constituents a great disservice.”

In 2013 the local agency William worked for was acquired by a larger out-of-state insurance agency. “Just like many other small businesses in our state, as the owners got older I think it was easier to just sell the business then to try and forge on in this business climate” said Hunt. “After about a year I realized that I wasn’t as happy with the new agency as I was with the old one so I decided that I needed to part ways.”

William spent a few months working at the tech startup Swipely as he looked for another position in the insurance industry. “Everything happens for a reason,” Hunt states. “I went to the local insurance trade association to see if they knew of any other local agencies that were looking to hire any salespeople. I guess the Executive Vice President saw something in me because he offered to try and get me a position with the association management company that runs the Independent Insurance Agents of Rhode Island (as well as a number of professional trade associations in RI, CT & MA.) I’ve been there for about a year and I am extremely lucky that I get to work in the insurance industry. I really enjoy promoting, supporting, and advocating for the local agencies, all of which are small businesses located in our state.”

William married Jessica, the love of his life, in September of 2015 and they continue to live in their first home that they bought together back in 2013 in Warren. “She is very supportive of me and realizes the passion I have for this state and its future,” Hunt shared. “Jessica and I want to start a family in this town in this state that we love so much. Unlike many of our friends who grew up here, got educated here, but have been forced to leave our state for better job opportunities, Jess and I chose to stay. I want my kids to grow up and continue to live in the East Bay like I did. I want it to be easy for them to stay, I don’t want them to have to make the tough decision to leave that many of my good friends had to make.”

William is now looking to bring his fresh ideas and leadership to the State House.

He respectfully asks for your vote in November.