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The final legislator’ forum was for the District 68 House seat currently held by Bristol resident Kenneth Marshall. His challenger is Warren libertarian William Hunt Jr.
Mr. Hunt, 33, said “I truly want to see this state be successful. It’s no secret that our state is in trouble.” Read More...

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Hunt Announces Candidacy for State Representative

WARREN, RI - It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that William J Hunt Jr announces his candidacy for the District 68 seat serving Bristol and Warren as a Libertarian. Hunt, a lifelong Rhode Island resident, has lived in Warren with his wife Jessica since 2013 and serves on the Warren Harbor Commission and as the town’s representative to the CRMC.  

“After graduating from URI in 2006, I entered the job market just at the beginning of the housing collapse.” Hunt shared while explaining his reasoning for running “Since that time I have worked in the insurance industry and have seen firsthand how Rhode Island’s struggling economy has negatively impacted the hard-working families and business owners in our state. The ineffective majority represented in our General Assembly does not have the political will to make the changes that are important and necessary for the success of our middle-class.”

“I believe that most Rhode Islanders really don’t want a whole lot from their state government.” Hunt continued “Unsurprisingly, most people have come to expect very little from the General Assembly. The problem is that we are paying a premium and getting very little in return for our investment. I want to go to the State House and tell them to stop stealing our money - both figuratively and literally.”

Mr. Hunt has chosen to run as a Libertarian because he feels their platform is poised to bridge the partisan divide that exists in today’s political climate. “Most people are Libertarian and just don’t realize it.” asserts Hunt. “Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. It doesn’t surprise me that most Rhode Island voters are registered as Independent, most people are looking for a better alternative to what we have had for the past 80 years. They want new ideas, new energy, and a better strategy for our state’s economy.”

“I will actually represent the constituents of District 68,” Hunt concluded “not the interests of the elected elite and the political insiders that have ruled this state for too long.”

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“I’m sick and tired of waiting for my state government to work for me,” Mr. Hunt, 33, said. “Every two years we hear excuses. The leadership in our state has given us nothing but tolls, scandals and embarrassment.” Read More...

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